WESHAPE Workshops


Cloud Migration & Optimisation

Consultant: Rob Coward

In this Workshop, We Will Cover:

– The defining properties of ‘the cloud’, the types of services available and the shared responsibility model used by cloud vendors.

– How your organisation can benefit from using cloud-based services, either migrating services from existing data centre infrastructure or complementing them.

– The benefits of redeveloping services to be ‘cloud native’, optimising the power and flexibility of the cloud and it’s pay-per-use charging model.

– Breaking down the monolith using microservices and containers to create loosely coupled architecture that can be deployed more regularly and reliably.

– Using automation with cloud services, deploying not only applications but the entire infrastructure stack through fully automated pipelines, building repeatable, consistent environments for development, testing, pre-production and production.


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System Reliability Engineering

Consultant: Andrew Southall

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In this Workshop, We Will Cover:

– What SRE is, where it sits in your organisation, how it works and how it fills in the gaps in your current teams

– What a good implementation of SRE is, what is not a good implementation and how to improve it

– What the technical backbone of an SRE team is, what tools are selected, what purpose they serve and how they should be configured

– What areas SRE covers, covering both the core areas and topics that aren’t as obvious

– How an SRE team will help your bottom line, increase your velocity and create a better financial, cultural and successful environment